Ken Brown's Retirement Party -- 6/11/06

Joan's account of the party:
The party was an absolute success!  We kept the surprise going until he walked into the church.  I think he had a clue when he got to the door, but that's ok.  He thought he was attending his current concertmaster's recital and was shocked to see almost 200 people standing there, for what looked to him to be a group photo! 
Bill Woodworth came, so he was the OLDEST student.  Tim Forster was there, so he and Bill represented Mr. Brown's first FHS orchestra.  Mary Joy Cappelini and I were the next oldest, since we were in 9th grade when he started.  One student from the Class of 1987 came all the way from California (he was actually on business in Boston).  Still, though, he came from Boston - pretty cool!
The 1980s, 90s, and lots of kids from his last few orchestras came.  His mom, mother-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, one daughter and husband and his son were all present.
We were able to get a message from Mr. Woodworth and many others that we included in a Memory Book.
The whole day was amazing.  My team of organizers was extraordinary and totally meant to be a team. 
Hope you like the photos. They're not great, but it's all I can put my fingers on right now.
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