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Again, this is our site to do whatever we want and we all want to see pictures of our friends -- here they are...

Please send me whatever you'd like posted -- along with some idea of how you'd like them laid out or organized. If it's not obvious, I'd also appreciate some brief descriptions of the subjects. If you don't have a scanner or don't know how to scan them, you can send me actual photos via snailmail and I will scan them and get them back to you -- address below. I can't promise to post them immediately upon receipt but I will try to post them as expeditiously as time allows...

Send paper photos to:

John King
37 Wachusett Ave.
Shrewsbury, Ma. 01545

Reunion Photos

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Pictures by Contributor's Lastname (during High School)

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Pictures by Date Posted

7-12-2010 Susan Ward Hylbert -- 35th Reunion
7-6-2010 Sue Mangefrida Beck -- pics from 35th Reunion
6-5-2007 Lisa Balbierer Noble and family at Fenway Park
5-23-2007 Cheryl Duck
4-5-2007 Jim Fries and family
9-11-2006 Marianne Marsh with her grandson Daunte
7-5-2006 Joan Haines Mullings -- Ken Brown's Surprise Retirement Party
7-1-2006 Charlene Kilburn Schoepfel - 30th Reunion
April Alvut - 30th Reunion
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